Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

We are extremely glad that you have reached this page. We would like to congratulate you as this means you are one step closure to becoming and intricate part of this project and close to earning immense rewards in Akhirah in sha Allah.

As you might have read about our posters/calendars being distributed since last three years in New Delhi, India. This year we have gone global and need your support in reaching millions of people through online and offline promotions.

Download the PSD or PNG files of the main posters that were designed by the ImaanCentral Team. And use the below process to start this campaign in your locality.

What to Do?

  1. Download the poster in either PNG or PSD (Photoshop Format).
  2. Print a sample A3 size poster.
  3. Show the sample to friends and family or connect with a local business to raise funds.
  4. Plan the number of Posters to print and prepare a budget accordingly.
  5. Connect with friends and family to help you raise funds for posters.
  6. Connect with local businesses and ask them to contribute and in return add their Business as a sponsor in the bottom space of the poster.
  7. Print the posters in high quality wall hangings and put them in places like Masjid, Community Center, Restaurants etc. where many people can see it easily.


Download Poster in PNG –¬†English, Hindi, Urdu

We’ll be sharing the PSD files very soon in sha Allah.

Have any doubts or questions? Email us on or WhatsApp +919811590676